Emergency Passport / Laissez - Passer

If you do not have a valid passport (because your passport has expired, is lost or stolen)  you can then in case of an emergency (of a medical nature or the death of a First or Second degree relative) apply for an Emergency Passport or Laissez - Passer.

An Emergency Passport is granted only if it is absolutely clear that you have the Dutch nationality. You must provide proof of this when applying. The need to travel must also be substantiated with proof. 

In very exceptional emergency situations a Laissez - Passer can be provided to a non-Dutch citizen.

Only in very severe (medical) emergencies can an emergency passport be provided outside of office hours . For these cases, the Consular office has an on-call service.

Emergency telephone: (001-721) 587-8349 or (001-721) 520-8349

The rate for an Emergency Passport or Laissez – Passer for 2022: Naf 110 (no administration fee)

For more information or to schedule an appointment you can contact the Consular Affairs department during telephone consultation hours from 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM on the number (001-721) 542-1199.


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