The Cabinet of the Governor

The Cabinet of the Governor is the secretariat of the Governor. The Cabinet is tasked with the assistance of the Governor in the execution of his constitutional responsibilities. The cabinet also handles consular affairs insofar not falling under the responsibility of the Dutch representative in St. Maarten and takes care of the communications with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands. The Cabinet also maintains contacts with the other departments of government, both within and outside the Kingdom. Another task of the Cabinet is to support the Governor at receptions, visits and other access  to the Governor. Finally, the Cabinet handles the letters and petitions addressed to the Governor.

The Cabinet of the Governor is managed by a director. The position of director is held by Mrs. Mieke Kalter.

The Cabinet of the Governor functions are regulated in the Kingdom Decree establishing the Cabinet of September 27, 2010 (P.B.N.A. 2010, no 88)

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