Position of the Cabinet

The Cabinet of the Governor of St. Maarten is a Dutch government entity which is financed from the coffers of the Dutch government. As such the Dutch Government’s budget includes a separate chapter (Chapter II B) which deals with the Cabinet, where the annual income and expenditure of the Cabinet are specified. The Minister of Interior Affairs and Kingdom Relations is based on the foregoing pursuant to the provisions of the law on government accounts responsible for the control of the budget and for the business activities of Cabinet. However, the Cabinet does not fall under the responsibility of any of the ministries in the Netherlands or St. Maarten.

The director and staff of the Cabinet of the Governor are solely accountable to the Governor for the execution of their tasks. Thus the Minister of Interior Affairs and Kingdom Relations does not have any involvement with the content of the work of the Cabinet.

As an organization the Cabinet in practice interacts on behalf of the Governor with the ministries of St. Maarten and with the ministries of Interior affairs and Kingdom Relations, Foreign Affairs, Defense and Immigration and Integration in the Netherlands.

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