Governor Holiday visited Anguilla

aug 17, 2012

Harbour View/ The Valley - His Excellency Governor Eugene B. Holiday paid an official visit to Anguilla on August 17, 2012, aimed at fostering and strengthening relations with Sint Maarten’s neighbors in the region. The visit was the Governor’s first official visit to Anguilla. The Governor previously visited St. Kitts and Nevis governor commenced his visit with a meeting with Alistair Harrison, Governor of Anguilla, with whom he discussed topics of mutual interest, and exchanged experiences in regard to governance. The Governor also met with Hubert Hughes, Anguilla’s Chief Minister and Minister of Finance, Economic Development, Investments & Tourism. During that meeting, the Governor discussed the financial and economic situation in general and the nature and  importance of the cooperation between Sint Maarten and Anguilla. The Governor then met with Edison A. Baird, Minister of Health and Social Development. The discussion with Minister Baird, who is also responsible for Education, centered on developments in the education system and the challenges and approaches in that area.  That meeting was followed by a meeting with Crefton Niles, Director of Public Utilities, where Governor holiday received an outline of the regulatory framework for utilities and more in particular of the Anguilla “Renewable Energy Integration Project” as part of the energy policy.

The morning program was concluded with an official lunch in honor of Governor Holiday hosted by Governor Harrison at the “Governor House” including members of the Executive Council and the Assembly. During the lunch the importance of maintaining good relations through official and non-official visits were underscored by Governor Harrison, Chief Minister Hughes, Leader of the Opposition Rogers and Governor Holiday. In the afternoon Governor Holiday met with the Parliamentary Secretary of Tourism, Haydn Hughes. During that meeting, the Governor was informed about developments in Anguilla’s tourism industry and the cooperation with Sint Maarten. In addition, Governor Holiday received information regarding the approach of including monuments as part of Anguilla’s heritage in its tourism plan. Governor Holiday concluded his visit with a tour of the Wallblake House followed by a brief tour of the island.