Information Session Governor’s Youth Award for Excellence

may 12, 2022

The Governor’s Youth Award for Excellence (GYAE), presented by His Excellency Governor Eugene B. Holiday, is now in its 3rd year.

This award is designed to recognize youths between the ages of 13 through 19, who have performed above and beyond and excelled in one of the areas of academics, sports, arts, environmental protection or community service.

To be considered and selected to win an award, candidates will have to be nominated by one or more nominators by completing and submitting the digital Governor’s Youth Award for Excellence nomination form.

As we look forward to receiving your various submissions of potential nominees, we hereby invite you to attend an information session conducted by the members of the Governor’s Youth Award for Excellence Committee. During this session, the nomination form will be elucidated upon in more detail and you will be provided with the opportunity to ask questions.

Topic : Information Session GYAE 2022
Date : May 16, 2022
Time : 3:00PM – 4:00PM
Zoom :