may 01, 2018

Harbour View – On April 26, 2018, Governor Holiday choose the King’s Birthday Celebration as a moment to stand still to celebrate the resilience of our people and to highlight all invaluable service rendered to the people of Sint Maarten in the aftermath of hurricane Irma.

During the presentation of GOVERNOR Holiday stated: Considering the valued contributions of various organization in the aftermath of hurricane IRMA a number of organizations group in 4 categories have been selected to receive an award of appreciation. I will like to thank everyone who helped to put the list together. A lot of time has been put into selecting the organizations and arriving at this list has not been an easy task and we recognize that this list is not complete.
We hope however that the awards will serve as an inspiration for all mentioned and not mentioned here to continue to do the work necessary to help our country recover from the effects of hurricane Irma.

Category A: Disaster Management: These are the Emergency Support Organizations that
provided immediate critical emergency response to reduce the impact and effects of hurricane
Irma in preparation for our recovery.
1. Ambulance Service – represented by Cylred Richardson: In appreciation for the emergency
response and initial medical care to injured persons.
2. Department of Communication - represented by Hubert Flanders: In appreciation for
disseminating essential emergency relief information to the public.
3. CZMCARIB – represented by Raymon Witteveen: In appreciation for providing military
assistance to restore order and ensure the safety and security of our community.
4. Fire Department – represented by Sylvanico Pauletta: In appreciation for the emergency
response to rescue and provide emergency medical services to persons in need.
5. GEBE – representative not present: In appreciation for restoring water and electricity.
6. Police Force of Sint Maarten – represented by Benjamin Goud: In appreciation for restoring
order and ensuring the safety and security of our community.
7. Telem – represented by Kendell Dupersoy – In appreciation for restoring
telecommunications within days after the storm
8. VROMI – represented by Anthony Buncamper – In appreciation for the Cleanup of debris
after the hurricane.
9. VSA – represented by Joy Arnell – In appreciation for the providing emergency relief
assistance through shelters, food and relief goods.

Category B. Social Care: These are the non governmental organizations that offered
humanitarian support to people in need as part of the first relief in the aftermath of hurricane
10. Home Away from Home Foundation – represented by Patricia Flanders: In appreciation for
providing help to our senior citizens
11. K1 Britannia – represented by Chiaria Bowers: In appreciation for providing relief assistance
including food distribution
12. National Institute for Professional Advancement (NIPA) - representative not present: In
appreciation for making their kitchen available to help feed the emergency relief groups
13. Red Cross – represented by Nadjeska Gumbs: In appreciation for donations funds,
distributing emergency supplies and school meals program etc.
14. St. Maarten Medical Center – represented by Antonio Pantophlet: In appreciation for
providing critical medical services to persons in need of emergency medical care.
15. Tzu Chi Foundation – represented by Sandra Cheung: In appreciation for distributing bread,
food packages and clothing in the communities.
16. White and Yellow Cross – represented by Francis Carty: In appreciation of the work of the
district nurses for giving help and assessing the most urgent needs of their clients in the

Category C. Education and emotional Care: These are the groups that offered and secured
needed educational and emotional support to the people of Sint Maarten.
17. Dow's Musical Foundation – represented by Isidore York jr.: In appreciation for providing
recreation & stress relief for Kids and Adults
18. NIA – represented by Clara Reyes: In appreciation for providing relaxation & stress relief for
Kids and Adults
19. Teachers – represented by Glenderlin Holiday: In appreciation of the work of teachers to
prepare and reopen the schools within a month after the hurricane.
20. Voice of Our Youth Sint Maarten – represented by Rumpshen Long: In appreciation of
engaging our youth in the emergency relief effort working as volunteers alongside
emergency relief organizations.

Category D. Communication: These organization were critical in channeling information to
residents and concerned family and friends overseas and to the rest of the world about the
situation on Sint Maarten.
21. Laser 101 – represented by Francis Carty: In appreciation for reconnecting SXM to the world
within 1day
22. PJD2 – represented by Glen Romney: In appreciation for reconnecting SXM to the world
with 1 week

Governor Holiday in concluding the presentations dedicated a “Symbol of Resilience” plague to the people of Sint Maarten. In doing so he said: The final category which has been selected is “Our Community”. The Category Community represents the people of Sint Maarten who
having been devastated by Hurricane Irma, picked ourselves up, assisted each other and refused to be defeated. As a people we have as our foundation a legacy of beating the odds, survival, and resilience. That legacy along with strong family ties, unity and jollification has gotten us
through Donna in 1960, Luis in 1995 and Irma and Maria in 2017. It is with great pleasure and pride that I, In acknowledgement of that legacy, dedicate this plague to the people of Sint Maarten: That In recognition of the resilience and immense strength in response to hurricane
Irma In doing so Governor Holiday presented the plague to Prime-Minister Marlin-Romeo and requested her to give the plague place in the public area of the administration building for the people.