Governor Holiday issues Royal Decoration to Prof. Dr. Levendag

jun 06, 2014

Harbour View – His Excellency Governor Eugene B. Holiday decorated Professor Dr. Peter C. Levendag as Officer in the Order of Orange Nassau on Friday morning, June 6 during a ceremony at the Cabinet of the Governor.

Professor Levendag was nominated for the distinction in Rotterdam and should have been decorated there on April 25, 2014 on the general occasion before King’s Day.  However, because he was in Sint Maarten he could not be present in Rotterdam to receive his decoration at that time. As a results arrangement have been made to have his Royal Decoration issued in Sint Maarten.

Professor Dr. Peter Levendag was awarded the Royal Decoration for his valuable contributions in the field of Radiotherapy for almost 30 years. His contributions stems from his activities as head of radiotherapy of the Rotterdam Erasmus Medical Centre since 1985, from his activities as professor in radiotherapy since 1990 and from his efforts in striving for more availability of radiotherapy in the Netherlands and abroad.

Through these and other efforts, Prof. Dr. Levendag has contributed significantly to the development of radiotherapy, on a scientific, technical an organizational level and through that to the treatment and fight against cancer.

Governor Holiday congratulated Dr. Levendag on his special distinction through his appointment as an Officer in the Order of Orange Nassau during the decoration ceremony at the Cabinet of the Governor in the presence of family and friends.