Governor Holiday administers oath of Electoral Council

jan 23, 2014

Harbour View –His Excellency Governor Eugene B. Holiday administered the oath of the members and substitute members of the Electoral Council, on Thursday morning January 23, 2014 during an official ceremony at the Cabinet of the Governor. During the ceremony Governor Holiday underscored that “the acceptance of the appointment as members of the electoral council is a serious one; one in which you have decided to play a critical role in fostering and upholding the orderly and proper functioning of our democratic system. ….. Considering the issues involved I wish to emphasize that the importance of ensuring the proper registration and transparent financing of political parties, for the proper governance and thus overall development of our society, cannot be overstated. ”Governor Holiday thanked the members Mr. B.G. Hofman (chairman), Mrs. G.C. Richardson-Nicolaas, (deputy chairperson), Ms. L.A. Richardson (member), Mr. J. Veen (deputy member) and Ms. M.F. Mingo (deputy member) for accepting the appointment and wished them strength and wisdom in the performance of the vital and important tasks of the Electoral Council.  The Electoral Council has been appointed by national decree based on the national ordinance regulating the registration and financing of political parties.