Governor Holiday takes oath of 250 Civil Servants

feb 29, 2012

Civil Servants from the ministries of General Affairs, Finance, Justice, V.R.O.M.I. and V.S.A. took the oath before His Excellency Governor Eugene B. Holiday.

The Governor stated in his speech that proper government revolves around the people’s interest. Thus, civil servants are expected to play an important role in the proper functioning of a democratic society. Civil servants are charged with the preparation and implementation of the decisions of government and as such they are uniquely positioned to serve the public and help foster good governance principles, such as fairness and effective and efficient service.

The Governor addressing the civil servants emphasizes that the role as assigned to them comes with great responsibility. The law acknowledges that and as a result requires that all public servants upon employment, upon changing of function or when acting in another function must take an oath. Having been transferred from the former island territory, the former central government or having been employed since October 10, 2010 it is required that you take the oath in keeping with that legal provision. Taking an oath or making a pledge is therefore a serious personal and legal matter.

The Governor further stated that the oath of civil servants is a solemn expression of their commitment and responsibility to perform the function of civil servant with integrity, dedication, diligence and professionalism, all within the bounds of the laws of Sint Maarten. The Governor recommended that the civil servant use the oath as a guide in the performance of their functions in their respective capacities.

The Governor expressed his appreciation for the important public service which the civil servants have already undertaken towards building the government apparatus of Sint Maarten and wished the civil servant success with their future endeavors.The ceremony consisted of six separate sessions. Each participant received a lapel pin as a keepsake of this extraordinary day and will receive a process-verbal in which their oath or promise will be formally registered. At the end of each ceremony, Governor Holiday congratulated all participants.