Governor Holiday pays working visit to the Ujima Foundation

mar 08, 2012

The visit consisted of a tour of the new facility of the Ujima Foundation in St. John and a meeting with the director of the Foundation, Ms. Bell, and the two founders of the Foundation, Dr. Arndel and Ms. Augusty. The Governor also spoke with the staff of the Foundation and joined the residents for lunch.

The Ujima Foundation supports boys with behavioral and emotional problems between the ages of 8 to 18. Its mission is to provide professional therapeutic and supportive services for at risk youths and to create a sense of purpose and belonging in their lives as they become productive members of society.

The Governor has been informed that the Ujima Foundation will continue working to create a healthy, safe and stable living environment for the underprivileged, the destitute, the mentally ill and other individuals in crisis on the new location in St. John. The Ujima Foundation also updated the Governor on its advanced plans to  start a school for the performing arts to channel the talents of the children of Sint Maarten.

The Governor was impressed with and commended the management and its staff on the invaluable  social service they render to the youngsters and the community of St. Maarten and is looking forward to the realization of the plans  for the start of the school for the performing arts. Governor Holiday in recognition of the fact that the 5th anniversary of the program congratulated and applauded all those involved with making the project work and underscored that social initiatives, such as the work which the Ujima foundation undertakes, are vital in our complex society. As such it is important that the  community at large support the Ujima foundation as it continues to work on addressing some of the social challenges faced by our youths within our community.