Vacancy Facility worker (40 hour work week)

jan 22, 2021

The Governor represents the King in Sint Maarten and therefore he is the head of the government of Sint Maarten. The government of Sint Maarten is comprised of the Governor and the ministers. In this capacity, the Governor is an organ of the country Sint Maarten. In his capacity as the head of government the Governor is inviolable. The ministers are accountable to the parliament of Sint Maarten.
The Governor also represents the government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. As organ of the Kingdom the Governor, in regards to Sint Maarten, guards the general interest of the kingdom, is responsible for the implementation of Kingdom Laws, of General Administrative Measures and of international treaties and oversees compliance therewith. Citizens come into contact with the Governor when it comes to the execution of the Passport Law and the regulations concerning visas (issuing of travel documents and visas) and the execution of the Law on Dutch citizenship (naturalization and option).
The Governor of Sint Maarten is assisted in the execution of his tasks by the Cabinet of the Governor. The Cabinet handles, among other things, the consular affairs by issuing of travel documents and visas and by handling requests for naturalization and option. As an addition to the team the Cabinet is looking for a

Facility worker (40 hour work week)

Job description
Would you like to be the hub in an interesting and dynamic environment? Then the position of Facility worker at the Cabinet of the Governor of Sint Maarten could be right for you. The position of the Facility worker comprises a broad range of tasks. You will contribute to a safe and properly functioning building, you will be the second driver to the Governor, you will help colleagues with ICT related issues and you will act as courier. By fulfilling these tasks you will make an important contribution to the operations of the Cabinet of the Governor of Sint Maarten. The facility worker is accountable to the coordinator of operations.

Janitorial tasks
• Inspects the buildings of the Cabinet, including the surrounding terrain and gardens, installations, inventory and artwork. Identifies any repair or maintenance needs and handles malfunctions.
• Approaches, after approval of the coordinator of operations, maintenance companies or suppliers and requests quotations.
• Accompanies external maintenance technicians, informs them on issues, contributes to solving of problems, monitors progress and reports back to the coordinator of operations.
• Administers the stock of electronic materials, computer and printer parts and materials and tools.
• Opens and closes the entry gates and doors to the building of the Cabinet outside of office hours in case the alarm is triggered or in case of other malfunctioning, or in case the consular department has to issue emergency documents.
• Assists in small relocations and moves furniture for ceremonies or audiences.
• Raises and lowers the flags.
• Handles the occasional odd jobs around the office, including small repairs and maintenance.

Chauffeur tasks
• Drives the Governor and acting Governor, also outside of office hours, to their destinations.
• Drives delegations, also outside of office hours, to their destinations.
• Takes care of planning the route and takes adequate measures in case of safety issues during the ride (evasive driving according to safety protocols, search for unexpectedly alternative routes, maintaining contact via telephone with police, etc.)
• Ensures cleanliness of the vehicles of the Cabinet, inside as well as outside.

ICT (user) support
• Acts as the first line of contact for the application manager and users when problems occur concerning the use of (network) applications, equipment, and telephones.
• Assesses problems and ensures proper and quick handling of issues.
• Remedies hard-/and software problems or reports them to the coordinator of operations.
• Supports users with the use of personal computers and standard pc-packages.
• Makes adjustments to program settings, such as screen or printer settings, and instructs users on adjustments.
• Contributes to purchase of equipment and software.
• Shares knowledge with users to ensure the safety of the company network is preserved and improved upon.

Courier tasks
• Does shopping for the Cabinet
• Processes any mail,  -including diplomatic mail. Prepares postal items, among which, diplomatic courier and cargo shipments, for shipping.
• Gives information to visitors in a customer friendly manner

Job requirements
The facility worker that we are looking for has:
• Working and thinking level of secondary vocational training (Dutch MBO level)
• 3 years of relevant work experience
• Knowledge of ICT administration and security
• Familiarity with operating office equipment, telephone switchboards and postal services
• Experience in small maintenance and repairs to vehicles
• In possession of or willing to acquire first aid and company emergency response diplomas
• VIP driver training is a plus (if not yet in possession you are willing to follow this training)
• Knowledge on local vendors and the local roads
• You are a law-abiding citizen of irreproachable conduct, that is non-aligned

Salary and appointment
Salary in accordance with scale 6 ALP (Naf.3450 - 4526,- excl. 16% Windwardisland allowance). Appointment for one year with the perspective of a permanent appointment. The Salary Conditions Local Personnel in Aruba, Curacao and Sint Maarten (‘Arbeidsvoorwaarden Lokaal Personeel in Aruba, Curacao en Sint Maarten’) (ALP) are applicable tot his appointment.  

Appointment on the condition that appointee can submit a positive background check, in which antecedents and references will be researched. An assessment can be a part of the selection procedure. A certificate of good conduct (or VOG) is required. A medical check is required for registration with the pension fund. For this position you will also be required to work outside of office hours.

Your application, including your resume, can be sent to:

Cabinet of the Governor of Sint Maarten
Indicating vacancy Facility Worker
Falcon Drive 3
Harbour view
Philipsburg, Sint Maarten

Or via email:

Your application should be received by February 1st at the latest. For questions concerning the position of the selection procedure you can contact dhr. T. van der Tol, the coordinator of operations, at telephone number +1 721 586-8348 or per e-mail: