Working visit by Governor Holiday to the Library and Museum of Sint Maarten

mar 29, 2011

On Thursday 31 March 2011, His Excellency Eugene B. Holiday paid a working visit to the Library and the Museum. This working visit is part of the Governor’s program to obtain a firsthand view of developments in the community and forms part of his objective to promote Culture and Education. Previous working visits included the St. Joseph School in 2010, Milton Peters College in January and the Census Office, Point Blanche Correctional Facility and the Landfill in February and March.

At the Library, the Governor was welcomed by Mrs. Irmin Hughes and Mrs. Alberts, Director of the Library. After the Governor was given a guided tour in the Library he discussed several issues with the Director of the Library and the president of the board of the Library.

At the Sint Maarten Museum, the Governor  was welcomed by Mrs. Bosch, Director of the Museum. After a tour the Governor and Mrs. Bosch discussed about several cultural aspects of Sint Maarten and more specific of the Museum of Sint Maarten.

The governor applauded the work of both institutions particularly given the limited financial resources available to them. Both institutions have a critical role to play in the strengthening of St. Maarten’s development and growth. Their growth and position are therefore vital in the creation of awareness of our heritage and in the preparation of future leaders.