Working visit Governor Holiday to Landfill

mar 22, 2011

On Tuesday 22 March 2011, His Excellency Eugene B. Holiday paid a working visit to the Landfill. This working visit is part of the Governor’s program to obtain a firsthand view of developments in the community and forms part of his objective to promote Excellence in Governance, including environmental governance. Previous working visits included the St. Joseph School in 2010, Milton Peters College in January and the Census Office and Point Blanche Correctional Facility in February.

At the Landfill, the Governor was welcomed by Mr. Gert Wolda, Manager of the Landfill. After the Governor was given an explanation on the incinerator and the weighing station, the delegation was given a tour at the dumpsite. After the tour, the Governor had a formal meeting with Mr. Boekaar of Winward Roads the company contracted by government to process the garbage at the landfill and Mr. Buncamper of the Ministry of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment & Infrastructure. The meeting addressed the operational, environmental and legal aspects of the Landfill. The visit was prompted by the governor’s concerns as a result of the recurring fires at the dumpsite. In this regard, the Governor was specifically interested in the plans aimed at building installations to process the different waste streams and emphasized the importance of bring about a safe, sustainable and long-term solution for the waste problem in the interest of the people of Sint Maarten.