Governor Holiday requests William Marlin to form government

oct 22, 2015

Governor Holiday requests William Marlin to form government

Harbour View – On October 22, 2015, His Excellency the Governor of Sint Maarten, drs. E.B. Holiday, requested Mr. William V. Marlin to form a new government as formateur.

As was communicated earlier, the Governor received a letter on September 30, 2015, from three members of Parliament, Mr. F. Richardson, Mr. S. Matser and Mr. M. Lake, in which they informed the Governor that they withdrew their support from the present coalition government. Subsequently the Governor was informed that the Parliament of Sint Maarten passed a motion of no-confidence against the current cabinet of ministers. He also received a separate letter signed by the 4 members of the NA-fraction, the DP-fraction, the USP-fraction, independent MP S. Matser and MP M. Lake in which they informed him of their willingness to form the new government. The letter included a Governing Accord signed by the abovementioned 8 members of Parliament.

Based on these developments and the subsequent political developments the Governor consulted with the Prime Minister, the leaders of all political parties represented in Parliament and the independent members of Parliament, the Chairman of Parliament and the Vice Chairperson of the Council of Advice from September 30 through October 5, 2015. The Governor in view of the constitutional concerns requested legal advice from a panel of three judges on October 16, 2015.

Having reviewed the correspondence that he received, following the consultations, and considering the constitutional advice, the Governor met with Mr. William Marlin today and requested him to form a government based on a majority in Parliament and consisting of dedicated ministers:
1. who are committed to the promotion of the well-being of Sint Maarten;
2. who will amongst others give priority to the amendment of the 2015 budget and to the preparation of the 2016 budget in line with the recently adopted Kingdom decree;
3. who will prepare the planned elections;
4. who will take steps to introduce electoral reforms; and
5. who are dedicated to jointly executing their governing responsibilities.

The Governor further emphasized the importance of the strict observance of the regulatory requirements including the screening criteria, applicable to the appointment for candidate-ministers.

The formateur took the commission into consideration and will inform the Governor regularly during the formation process. The Governor requested Mr. Marlin to present him the final report of the formation process ultimately on November 20, 2015.