De Gouverneur Toespraken

Terug naar Toesprakenjun 14, 2013

Speech Appointment and Swearing in ceremony new Cabinet June 2013

Good Afternoon,

You have just witnessed the transfer of executive responsibility for the governance of our island Sint Maarten from one team of ministers to a new team of ministers. A new team of ministers that was presented to me thanks to the work of formateur Ms. Wescot Williams following a path which was not without challenges. En route to the transfer, the strength and resolve of our nation has been put to the test. And a new chapter has been written in the constitutional history of our young nation and parliamentary democracy.  

Today, six weeks after the start of the political developments that brought us to this point and three and a half weeks since the previous team of ministers made their positions available we have before us a new team of ministers. A lot has transpired in that six weeks period, some of which has given rise to some critical  questions and requires that politicians take a good look in the mirror. Developments that have caused me, in my capacity as Governor of Sint Maarten, to appeal to all stakeholders to do all that is necessary to maintain and protect the integrity of our constitutional democracy. I did so drawing from the words of the preamble to our constitution, namely:

We, The people of Sint Maarten, in order to record our objectives and convictions agree that the provisions of the constitution shall have the force of law. Today I wish to highlight some of our ideals as recorded:

• The first ideal being our determination as a people to work with each other;

• The second ideal being our declaration that we are a people that believe in the principle of democracy, in the rule of law, …. and in the entitlement of all individuals to the fundamental rights and freedoms;

• And the third ideal being our declaration that we wish to create a constitutional order based on an open and approachable government.
As a result we have no option but to work towards these ideals, as anything else will go against the general interest, that is against the interest of the people of Sint Maarten.

In monitoring recent political developments and looking ahead I am concerned about the increased divisiveness and accusations as well as about the increasing questions about this nations commitment towards mentioned ideals. Let me in that regard say that, I am sure, that is not what  the people of Sint Maarten  want. I say this, because of my firm belief in the good of the people of Sint Maarten and because I am particularly pleased and encouraged to see the increased level of involvement of and debate among the people of Sint Maarten regarding political developments during the past weeks. I therefore challenge you as the new team of ministers, as you assume your mandate to govern this beautiful country, to make the further building on the realization of our ideals your priority.

Accepting the function of minister through the taking of the oath today, is a solemn expression of your commitment to perform your function with integrity. It is your pledge of allegiance to the King and the Kingdom Charter and it is your individual declaration to always uphold the Constitution of Sint Maarten and to always dedicate yourself to foster the wellbeing of the People of Sint Maarten. In that regard, there rests on you individually as ministers and jointly as Council of Ministers a great responsibility. Through your oath, you have accepted the obligation to serve all the people of Sint Maarten. This based on the principles of democracy, on the rule of law, …… and on respect for the fundamental rights and freedoms of all persons and anchored in our determination as a people to work together.

It is my hope and trust, that as you continue the march where your predecessors left off, that you will, through the application of the principles of good governance, answer the call to unite the people towards the further overall and balanced development of our island nation. This hope and trust comes from my firm belief in the good within and strength of the Sint Maarten people.

Your decisions will have lasting influences on the lives of the people of Sint Maarten. Thus, as you deliberate on taking action on the matters before you during your governing period, I wish you wisdom,  individually and jointly, in the conduct of your responsibilities as you seek to meet your constitutional responsibility to the people of Sint Maarten. 

With that in mind, I hereby congratulate the people of Sint Maarten with the installation of this new government and similarly congratulate each of you individually and jointly with your appointments as Prime-Minister, Ministers and Minister Plenipotentiary.

Thank you, God Bless you and God Bless Sint Maarten