De Gouverneur Toespraken

Terug naar Toesprakenapr 27, 2012

Share Time and Knowledege for a Sustainble Community

Delivered by His Excellency Eugene B. Holiday on the occasion of Queen’s Birthday
Celebration 2012, Fort Amsterdam Little Bay

Esteemed Guests,

Good evening and welcome to this Queens Birthday celebration in honor of Her Majesty Queen Beatrix at this historic location Fort Amsterdam. The choice of location to celebrate Queen’s Birthday is intended to highlight the historic ties with the royal family through the awarding of royal decorations to several of our citizens.

This location has been chosen because of its beautiful scenic view, because of its historic significance and because of what it teaches us about the importance of Heritage Preservation, with a view of sharing with and passing on to future generations. Hence the theme of this evening celebration: Share time and knowledge for a sustainable community. This choice of location is because we can, with a view of the sustainability of our community, never highlight our historic heritage enough. Persons who share their time and knowledge towards the preservation and strengthening of the cultural, physical, or mental health of our people are valuable assets in our community, who are to be commended. 

Ladies and gentlemen, it is in recognition of such persons’ outstanding service to the community, that they are placed in the spotlight every year by bestowing on them the honor of a Royal Decoration.  This evening we shall highlight the contributions and achievements of the persons who have been selected to receive Royal Decorations.  Yes and what better time to do so than during this evening’s event organized each year to Celebrate Queen’s Birthday ahead of its actual observance date of April 30th. A celebration which is held throughout the Kingdom of the Netherlands underscoring Her Majesty’s status as the symbol and personification of unity within the Kingdom. This evening’s celebration is an expression of our appreciation for Her Majesty Queen Beatrix. Noteworthy is that today is the birthday of Crown Prince Willem Alexander. As such we have double reason to highlight the historic ties of our community with the Royal Family through the granting of Royal Decorations this evening.

The six persons who have been singled out to be awarded a Royal Decoration, have distinguished themselves in fields ranging from music, education, health care, youth development, sports and scouting. Within the variety of fields in which they standout there is one common denominator. They all through education, through sharing their knowledge, have dedicated a significant part of their life and talents towards working on the improvement and development of the lives of others. Such dedication and selflessness is critical for the development of St. Maarten and serves as an example for all of us. Persons like these individuals who selflessly volunteer their time and contribute to our community and in particular to the broad educational – that is the cultural, mental and physical – development of the youth and people of St. Maarten, are important because they help to form a stronger, more sustainable community. I therefore extend my appreciation to each of the persons who in a few minutes will receive a Royal Decoration for their exemplary service to our community.

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is an honor and special distinction to be awarded a Royal Decoration and I thus hereby, in closing, take this opportunity - to in advance - convey my congratulations to each of the honorees individually and to their family and friends. Thus as we continue the tradition of Celebrating Queen’s Birthday I wish you an enjoyable evening.

Thank you.