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Our Seniors; The Bearers Of Positive Values Of Our Society

Remarks by H.E. Governor drs. E.B. Holiday
on the occasion of the Senior’s Service at the Methodist Church

Members of the Clergy,
Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Good Evening,

And a special good evening to our senior brothers and sisters for whom this service has been organized.

It is a pleasure for me to join you and greet you in this chapel for this service. For as seniors you are the primary bearers of the many positive values of our society. You are the foremost bearers of our history and culture. You carry within you our society’s intangible Christian faith and traditions which has been instrumental in the forming of our people. Traditions which were anchored and reinforced in Sunday worship, Sunday school and morning devotion as the vehicles for instilling important social values and virtues; such as grace, faith and love. Values which our society too often fall short in adhering to.

We are gathered here this afternoon on the foundation of these essential principles. That is because we have been taught in part through you and know that Christ has grace without measure, but he has not retained it in Himself. From the fullness of his grace we have received one blessing after another’. And sharing one to another through this service gives content to our grace. Likewise we are here because of our faithful commitment to you. Because as Christians faithfulness between members of the church community is important. That is because we are brothers and sisters in faith. And third we are here because of the lessons we have learned from the example of God’s immeasurable love for us through the death of Jesus on the cross. A love through which we, like him, express our commitment and respect to you.

In short we are here to celebrate, honor and show our respect  for you. And in doing so recognize and express our gratitude for what you have meant and continue to mean for our church and wider community.

In closing, I therefor congratulate and applaud the circuit men’s commission of the church, my church, for organizing this service here today and in doing so for honoring and expressing our grace, our faith and our love, in relation to and for you,  our senior brothers and sisters in Christ. For you are the major bearers of our society’s Christian values.

And to your our senior’s I hope that you have an enjoyable and blessed service.

Thank you

And God Bless you.