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Launching of the Website of the Council of Advice

Philipsburg, June 4 2013
Remarks by His Excellency Governor Holiday On the occasion of the Launching of the Website

The Council of Advice challenges itself everyday every time it sends out a correspondence through the motto on its letterhead: Strengthening Our Democracy. The launching of this website today promotes transparency and openness and when properly employed plays a critical role in the everyday challenge of upholding, maintaining and strengthening the integrity of our constitutional democracy. As such the website gives greater meaning and content to the motto by explaining how the Council of Advice intends to achieve its motto. That is by being transparent and open, explaining its tasks and responsibilities and making its advices easily accessible to the public. Recent developments underscore the need for information and it is my hope that this website will help to meet some of this need. 

As such I am pleased to participate in this moment and as such congratulate the Council of Advice and Secretariat and Ms. Disiana Richardson with the launching of the Website today.