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The Education of Our Children Our Constitutional Responsibility

Delivered by His Excellency Eugene B. Holiday on TV and Radio at the occasion 
of Sint Maarten Day 2010

My Fellow Sint Maarteners,

Today November 11, 2010 is our first Sint Maarten’s Day since the birth of our Country Sint Maarten. It is therefore an extra special Sint Maarten Day for me and I am sure for you as well. As our National Day, Sint Maarten’s Day has always been special to me because it is a day when we the people of St. Maarten traditionally, take time out to celebrate our Flag, our Anthem and our Culture, yes to celebrate the things that unite us. I therefore call on everyone on Sint Maarten to observe, cherish and strengthen this tradition.
On this our National Holiday in seeking to strengthen our Sint Maarten’s Day tradition, I am pleased to share my thoughts with you. In doing so I shall continue my conversation, which I started with you upon accepting my appointment as your Governor, on October 10, 2010.
My Fellow St. Maarteners,

On October 10, 2010, in the tradition of St. Maarten’s Day I made the call for us to unite in the common cause: St. Maarten. A call made based on my people-driven vision, our vision of a better future for the People of St. Maarten. As a new constitutional democracy let us therefore observe this St. Maarten’s Day as a unified call to all to carry their responsibility for St. Maarten.

On October 10, 2010, in my role as Governor, I pledged to carry my responsibilities to serve the people of St. Maarten by upholding the constitution. On this St. Maarten Day’s it is essential to note that each of us, severally and jointly, have our responsibility in securing a better future for current and future generations of St. Maarteners. Whatever your responsibility I call on you to take it up and carry it out; that is what I expect you to do, that is what as a People we expect you to do and that is what you, I am convinced, expect of yourself.

In particular I wish to emphasize our constitutional responsibility to provide proper education for our youth. Placed within that context, proper education calls for education consistent with our geo-constitutional and socio-economic reality. It calls for an education system that will equip and prepare our children, to take their place and carry their responsibilities in all areas of our community. In short by providing a sound education system we in effect are providing a solid foundation for the future of our island. This, my fellow Sint Maarteners, is our shared constitutional responsibility; it is our highest duty and obligation as we strive to create greater opportunities for a brighter future. 

My Fellow St. Maarteners,

Let us use this, our National Day as a moment to reaffirm our commitment to excellence in the execution of our individual and shared responsibilities; and to reaffirm our drive to achieve a better future. I say this because it is my belief that as we face the financial and economic, challenges ahead, we as a people must, if we are to realize our vision, excel in uniting in our common cause: Sint Maarten. Each of us as individuals, corporate citizens, or government has the responsibility and owes it to our island to make that extra effort towards achieving excellence.

My Fellow Sint Maarteners,

It is my conviction that by carrying our responsibilities and in particular that for the education of our children that a bright and positive future lies ahead. One in which we can continue to build on the traditions of Celebrating Our National Holiday.
It is therefore with distinct pleasure that I hereby on behalf of my wife Marie-Louise and I wish you a Happy St. Maarten’s Day.

Do have a wonderful, enjoyable and safe St. Maarten’s Day and may God Bless you.