National passport

Residents of Sint Maarten

Residents of St. Maarten with the Dutch nationality can apply for a national passport at the Civil Registry Department of Sint Maarten (Census Office), Soualiga Road 6, Pondfill Philipsburg.

Non-residents of Sint Maarten

Non-residents who have the Dutch nationality can apply for a national passport at the Consular section of the Cabinet of the Governor. Only people who are not registered in the administration of St. Maarten can apply for a national passport at the Consular section of the Cabinet of the Governor.

You must personally apply for your passport and personally collect it. When applying you must submit the following:

  • Current passport (can still be valid for a maximum of 6 months) and all other travel documents. In case it has been lost or stolen you must have the police report.
  • Two recent passport pictures based on the valid acceptance criteria for Dutch passports
  • A proof of non-residency ( to be obtained at the Census office)
  • A fully completed passport application form
  • The fee: National Passport persons until 18 years:         129 NAF
                    National Passport persons 18 years or older:  165 NAF

• Permission from (both) parent(s) (or the legal guardian(s));
• Valid proof of identity from (both) parent(s) (or the legal guardian(s));
• Birth certificate of minor with apostille/legalisation;
•  Acknowledgement certificate of minor with apostille/legalisation (if applicable);
• Fee 2019: NAF. 129 (cash in Antillean Guilders only or pin with Maestro bank card)

To apply for a passport you can visit the Consular Affairs department of the Cabinet of the Governor during office hours from 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM. For more information you can contact the Consular Affairs department during telephone consultation from 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM on the number (001-721) 542-1199.

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